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Traditional "wire-line" phone service and Digital Voice service are identical in more ways than they are different. 
  • They both carry a voice conversation from your phone through a switchboard system to another phone. 
  • The other phone can be on the same switchboard or another company's switchboard.
  • All switchboards are now digital meaning that your call is converted to digital in both traditional and Digital Voice systems.
The big differences all work in your favor. 
  • Instead of using the phone company's exclusively controlled wires, your call travels on your broadband.  The lack of exclusivity allows Digital Voice services to be priced to provide a much better value.
  • The switch boards used by traditional phone companies are incredibly expensive and even though they are outdated, they are too hard to update to bring you new features.  Digital Voice services use newer switchboard technologies that are easily upgraded whenever new features are available.
  • Since the call is converted to digital in your home, the call quality doesn't degrade over distance or in bad weather like traditional analog connections can.
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