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Modern, powerful, and easy to use features!

US Monthly
Monthly Charge $29.95
Digital Voice Line with unlimited calling to America and Canada ü
E911 Emergency Calling ü
7 Digit Dialing in your area code ü
411 Information Services Free!
Basic "Hook Flash" Call Waiting and Three Way Calling ü
Caller ID ü
Caller ID on Call Waiting ü
Call Forwarding ü
Voicemail with voicemail-to-email and web access ü
Call History/Call Return - Return ANY call from the last month. ü
Do Not Disturb ü
Call Blocking - Block individual Caller ID numbers and/or callers with no Caller ID. ü
Caller ID Privacy - Choose whether or not others can see your Caller ID. ü
Telemarketer Blocker - Play a disconnect tone before ringing to make telemarketers take you off their list. ü
"Follow Me" Service - If you don't answer your home phone, try up to 3 other phone numbers to find you. ü
"Simultaneous Ring" Service - Make up to 3 other phones ring with your home phone. ü
Conference Calling - Connect up to 5 friends and family in one phone call. ü
Call Transfer - Transfer your in-progress call to another phone number like your cell phone. ü
Real Time Online Account Management - Set all your features and see your bill online. ü
Surprise Toll Protection - If you dial an out-of-plan international number you hear the rate on the spot. ü
24/7 Toll-Free Support - We are always open and our friendly staff is anxious to assist you. ü
Second Line - Add a second line with its own phone number. Discounted! $19.95
Personal Phone Numbers (sometimes called "Virtual Numbers") - Let out-of-town friends and family without a national calling plan reach you with a local call by getting a phone number in their location!  These versatile phone numbers can also find you at up to 25 locations with simultaneous ring, follow-me, and a private voicemail box. $4.95
Advance Forwarding Plans - Go beyond our Follow Me and Simultaneous Ring features to an incredible "Find Me Anywhere" advanced forwarding plan that simultaneously rings up to 5 numbers and if there is no answer, rings another set of 5 up to 5 levels deep for a total of 25 possible locations! FREE!
Instant Flexible Routing - Redirect any of your phone numbers to any of your services for the ultimate in flexibility.  For instance, you can send your main number straight to voicemail or an advanced forwarding plan while you're on vacation or exchange the numbers on line 1 and 2.  Change them around as often as you like, there's never any charge! FREE!
Unlimited International Calling Plans - We have specific destinations as well as a plans that include destinations in 60 countries so you can choose the international calling plan that fits you best.   Starting at

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